About Us

Amota Group began its journey in the cannabinoid space in 2018 when it grew 8 acres in the northern tip of the Emerald Triangle of the northwest United States.  Southern Oregon is recognized for having one of the most ideal climates for the cultivation of cannabis, grapes, pears, hops, berries, cherries, and so much more.

The climate, along with the demand for services, products, and distribution gave way to what Amota Processing has become today.  We are a thriving processing and distribution center that supplies many of the extraction labs and CPG brands across the United States with the highest quality products grown, manufactured, and sourced here in America’s cannabis heartland. 

Whether you are looking for quality products delivered to your home, or bulk wholesale for your thriving cannabinoid business, we are dedicated to walking you through all the ins and outs of having a successful brand in the space.  We want to help you deliver the cleanest, safest, and most effective products to your customers so they can experience the healing power of natural products without worry.  

Reach out to us today to find our how we can help your business grow in the emerging wellness sector and take advantage of our best-in-class pricing and unmatched quality.  The Amota Standard will surely help your business find its way to success.