Hemp. If You Are Not Data Driven, You Won't Survive.

As farms begin to process and others continue through fall and winter, there are a few things that can be done that will help tremendously.

Time and time again we find ourselves having conversations with each other in this industry about yields, costs, and values of different products throughout the supply chain.

At Amota Group we have always built on a foundation of data analytics and finding the true costs of everything we do as a company... because that just makes sense... right? It is imperative for us to be able to share with our clients how we achieve our numbers on a daily basis, because for as hard as we all work in this industry, we deserve a clear picture. We deserve to know where we can improve and how.

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Analyzing data across several stages such as bucking, machine trimming, and hand trimming goes beyond attributing accurate COGS to your HT (Hand Trimmed), MT (Machine Trimmed), and SB (Small Buds). It also allows you to accurately assess each individual skill set of your employees. Why have someone who can hand trim quickly stuck on bucking where they clearly are slower? How can you help correct a struggling hand trimmers yields if you don't have the numbers clearly laid out for you and them to go over.

We believe in putting our employees in the best position for them to succeed, like any other company should. When it comes to processing, you can only do that if you are tracking every step along the way.

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We have even implemented specific tracking for individual strains so we can draw an accurate strain map for the industry when it comes to expectations of yields.

Of course yields will always depend on the methods used to harvest, dry, buck, and trim. We believe that this will become more and more standardized as the industry grows, so for now we use what we believe to be the best SOPs.



The chart below shows some HT yields in accordance with total production.

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This allows us to hone in on best performers and track each strains specific average yields. This particular strain was fairly consistent for the most part as you can see along the orange line.

We invite everyone in the industry to stop in and take a tour of the facility as we lead the industry down a road of analytics, improvement, standardization, and prosperity for all. Amota has plans to open up processing centers all over the country and consult with others on important SOPs and system design for maximum efficiencies. Stay Tuned!